NewMakeIt – Space Designed for Makers

We provide the facility, education, equipment, and support you need to succeed in your perosnal and professional projects.

Learn to Make

Our series of workshops and classes are led by instructors on a wide range of subjects. From certification / skills classes, project workshops to business / entrepreneurship classes, our courseware offers provides learning opportunties not readily available elsewhere in the local community.

Teach & Mentor

NewMakeIt introduces its Maker Mentor program that will have an experienced maker available a number of days per month to assist members. No registration or appointment is necessary, just show up and seek them out for assistance.

Play & Join Clubs

NewMakeIt Build Club is a great space for those interested in being innovative and build. If you are interested to join please contact us and join us on Wednesday nights.

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Already have the nessciary skills and know what you want to do? Take a look at our flexible membership options to see what fits best for you so you can get your next project off the ground. If not then why not get our help. Have a look at our equipment to see if what we have can help you make it.

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Building sounds harder than it is. We will help you use your new skills to build anything you want.


Interested in something different? no worries! we have classes for you to learn more.

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If you are a subject matter expert, join us and mentor those who are interested.